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Best Oral Presentation, Queensland Trauma Symposium (2019) - "Doing work better together: relational coordination in trauma care"

Best Oral Presentation, Gold Coast University Hospital Research Day (2019) - "Doing work better together: relational coordination in trauma care"

Thomas M. and Louise A. Brown Research Studentship, Queen’s University (2013) - Awarded to support the investigation of fall severity in patients presenting to the emergency department.  


Edgar Forrester Prize and Edgar Forrester Scholarship, Queen’s University (2015) - Awarded the medical student with the highest standing at the end of medical school.

University Medal in Surgery, Queen’s University (2015) - Awarded to the medical student with the highest standing in surgery. 

Professor’s Prize in Emergency Medicine and Psychiatry, Queen's University (2015) - Selected by faculty for excellence throughout medical school in each subject. 


OMA Resident Achievement Award, Ontario Medical Association (2017)- Awarded to a resident at each university for significant contributions to post-graduate education. 

Dr. Sanjay Sharma Clinical Resident Award, Queen’s University (2016) - Awarded to a postgraduate resident for “going above and beyond the call of duty” in providing outstanding patient care. 

Sandra Banner Award, CaRMS (2015) - awarded to one medical student each year to support those with an aptitude to pursue further courses or training.

PARO Citizenship Award, Professional Association of Residents of Ontario (2015) - awarded to one student from each school who makes a significant contribution to the welfare of of their classmates.  

Queen’s Medical Review Poetry Contest Winner, Queen’s University (2012)- Placed first in the school-wide poetry contest with the poem “Red. Blood Red.

Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, Calgary Alberta  (2009) - International designation awarded to young people for ongoing leadership in extracurricular, outdoor and community activities.

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