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I am an emergency medicine physician and applied anthropologist. I have completed fellowships in research and Translational Simulation and Team Performance at Gold Coast University Hospital. I have experience with qualitative methods and action research. I have a passion for understanding how we might collectively shape culture to improve education, team performance, and patient care.

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Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Purdy E, Borchert L, El-Bitar A, Isaacson W, Bills L, Brazil V. Taking simulation out of its “safe container”—exploring the bidirectional impacts of psychological safety and simulation in an emergency department. Advances in Simulation. 2022 Dec;7(1):1-9.

Purdy, E., et al. (2020) Doing our work better, together: a relationship-based approach to defining the quality improvement agenda in trauma care. BMJ Open Quality, 9(1).

Purdy, E., Alexander, C., Caughley, M., Bassett, S., & Brazil, V. (2019). Identifying and Transmitting the Culture of Emergency Medicine Through Simulation. AEM education and training, 3(2), 118-128.

Brazil, V., Purdy, E., Alexander, C., & Matulich, J. (2019). Improving the relational aspects of trauma care through translational simulation. Advances in Simulation, 4(1), 10.

Purdy, E. Alexander, C. Shaw, R., & Brazil V. (2019). The Team Briefing: Setting up Relational Coordination for your Resuscitation. Clinical and Experimental Emergency Medicine, accepted pending publication. 

Brazil, V. Purdy, E., & Bajaj, K. (2019). Connecting Simulation and Quality Improvement - How can Healthcare Simulation Really Improve Patient Care? BMJ Quality and Safety, online ahead of print. 

Purdy, E. (2019) Can a focus on relationships help prevent tragedy? Victorian Forensic Institute Future Leaders Communique, 4(2), 6-8.

Purdy, E. (2019). Doing our Work Better Together: an Application of Relational Coordination Theory to Explore and Shape Excellence in Trauma Care. (Unpublished Master's Thesis). University of North Texas. Denton, Texas. 

Purdy, E., & Reznick, R. (2018). Educating for Innovation in Medicine. A Canadian Healthcare Innovation Agenda: Policy, Governance, and Strategy, 195, 217.

Blog Posts and Podcasts

Purdy, E. (2019). Simulation and Cultural Compression. ICEnet Blog. Accessed July 2019.

Brazil, V. & Purdy, E. (2019). Simulation Safety Spotlight- A call for Safety Briefings in Sim. ICEnet Blog. Accessed July 2019.  

Spurr, J. Brazil V. & Purdy, E. (2019). Episode 78 - Advances in Simulation: Transmitting Culture Through Simulation. Simulcast Podcast. 

Purdy, E., & Brazil V. (2018). Professional socialization, tribalism, and career trajectories. OntheWards Blog. Accessed July 2019. 

Purdy, E., Meyer, C., & Blackmore, L. (2018). Amazing and Awesome Rounds. CanadiEM Blog. Accessed July 2019.

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Queen's University FRCP Emergency Medicine Program

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